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Canadian Real Estate Investing has been a mystery for years. As a group we continually get bombarded by American insights, strategies and techniques that often don't apply here. And because we find more "theory" than actual "hands on" information we have decided to share some real world experience right here on this blog. Dig in!

Tom Karadza & Nick Karadza
"The Real Estate Renegades"

Maybe it is a dumb question...

I am at the very beginning of this journey. I just bought a small property in Vancouver for residential use. Now, browsing your site I am wondering if

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Should we hold flipping properties in a numbered company

Hi, we are looking at flipping a house with our son and possibly doing more of it in the future. We live in Calgary. My question is around tax. If we want

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Options for down payments for rental properties?

I want to start to build a tri plex. Then hopefully build a second 1. I have contacted several banks in my area and they all say 25% down. How do I get

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Return on investment

Hi, I am planning to buy a $0.5 million property and rent it out. What is the average gross rent in GTA? I am planning to buy by cash and it will be my

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Starting out

Is it possible to start investing with no money down? Or starting with no capital?

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Residential/commercial property

I am looking into buying a property in Burlington and it is mixed of Residential and commercial property together. I am planning to rent out the house

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Testing the market for a new development

We want to build the first new condominium building on the prime site in the heritage district of Collingwood, Ontario. It will have ten units above retail

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4 Point Home search

Hello, I just finished reading your eBook Income For Life For Canadians. This is such a great book and an eye opener to what strategies that are available

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Investor Mortgage For Canadian Non-Residents Citizens

My son and his wife have been working in Singapore for the past 5 years. They are Canadian citizens but do not pay taxes here. They have some savings and

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classes available online?

Hello: I live in Abbotsford, BC and I'm interested in attending your classes. Do you offer these classes online or maybe in BC?

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Getting involved full time.

Should I officially register for a business before getting started in real estate investing? Thanks Rock Stars. I'm a big fan!

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Full time Investor

Is it possible to acquire 10 or 5 percent mortgage loans without having full time income or owning anything other than cash?

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Rent to Own

Looking at a small starter home in a working class neighbourhood. Comparable is a rent to own property. I'm not familiar with how this works - here are

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Multiple Properties

Hi I own a property in the GTA and want to purchase 2 more in the near future. How do I work with a bank/lender to make this happen? Thanks for your

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Renovations for tenant property.

I just purchased a property, a 20-year-old very traditional style house. I only have a $5,000 budget for renovations at the moment. Should I invest the

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