Top 10 Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Tom and Nick Karadza, the hosts of their Real Estate Investing Podcasts the Your Life! Your Terms Show!, founded Rock Star Real Estate after quitting their jobs to go at it alone in the world of real estate.

Rock Star has been listed on Canada’s Profit 500 multiple times, they’ve worked on thousands of investments and over a billion dollars of properties.

On this show, they chat all things real estate to help other investors live life on their terms.

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Here are Rock Star's top 10 performing real estate investing podcasts. 

Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #1: Quitting Your Job & Going It Alone: Real Estate Investing, Tech Jobs, and Living Life on Your Terms

We were completely frustrated with our lives and knew we had to make a change.

Real Estate seemed to offer us a financial vehicle that would give us some personal freedom so we doubled down, quit our jobs and went all in.

On this episode we share some of our back story, how Rock Star Real Estate came to be and a few lessons along the way.

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Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #2: How to Invest in Student Rental Properties to Create Cash Flow Machines Not Horror Stories

By far the number one question we get over the years around Student Rental properties is: Will the students destroy the house? 

In this episode of the Your Life! Your Terms! Show we break down over years of experience dealing with Students and Student Rentals all across Ontario.  

You’ll learn how to sign leases, for what length, how to avoid damage on properties, how much property managers will charge, the best characteristics of good Student Properties and more.

Mike Desormeaux joins us as one of the resident Rock Star Real Estate experts to share his years of personal experience and the hundreds of stories he has working with Rock Star investors for more than a decade.

Mike also shares a portion of his personal story.  How he started flipping properties and some of the strategies he used when he was getting started.  His story alone is very instructive.

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Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #3: How to Flip Homes in Canada for Fun & Profit with Austin & Ruben Furtado

I’ve watched this guy buy and sell some of the craziest properties you could dream of. And each time we’ve doubted him he has proven us wrong. 

On this episode Ruben Furtado shares how he started buying and selling real estate along with his son Austin Furtado.

These guys are just fun to be around and know a ton about buying and selling high end real estate in the Greater Toronto Area.

On this episode they share the lessons they’ve learned over the years.

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Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #4: From Zero to 7 Figures: Business Building Lessons & Principles with Tom Karadza & Nick Karadza

Starting your own business can be a lonely adventure.

We found that there weren't many places to turn to get real world, "on the streets" advice about surviving in the business world.

In this episode we share some of the lesson and principles that have helped us along the way, along with some of the mistakes we've made.

We strongly believe, for many reasons, that creating your own business is one of the best way to create freedom and to truly live life on your own terms.

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Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #5: Rent-to-Own: A Decade & 1000+ Properties Later, Mistakes & Successes of this Investing Strategy

We were already buying, renting and flipping properties by the time we stumbled into trying out Rent-to-Own as an investing approach.

When we did the first one, against everyone’s advice, we though we may have saturated the entire market.

Little did we know that we’d go on, with the Rock Star team, to help hundreds of investors with well over 1000 rent-to-own’s over the next ten years.

In this episode we share some of our first stories, the structure of this approach and the lessons we’ve picked up along the way.

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Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #6: The ABCs Of Refinancing Your Properties And Accessing Locked Up Equity With Dave Butler

Refinancing can be a key component of growing your real estate portfolio, but there's a lot of confusion around it.

Sometimes refinancing is a breeze and other times it can be super tricky.

We worked on one of our refinances for 10 months before finding a lender who would let us tap into the equity we had on a property.

On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show, we cover how it's done, the process, the fees, penalties, appraisals, lawyer options, monoline and B lenders and more.

It's surprising how many investors don't know all their options in this area. Together with Dave Butler of Butler Mortgages, we break it all down.

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Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #7: Using & eCommerce to Quit Your Job and Life on Your Terms with Guests Greg & Brian

On this episode, special Guests Brian Zammit & Greg Kowalczyk share their stories of how they left the corporate world and created brand new streams of income with their eCommerce and businesses.

Brian shares his journey that took him from the world of Linux and IT Systems to creating his own brands and flying to China to deal with manufacturers directly.

And Greg shares how he immigrated to Canada, then left for a job in Germany, and then came back determined to create a better life for himself and his family.

These guys are incredible, enjoy the show!

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Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #8: Navigating Canadian Mortgage Options With Special Guest Dave Butler

Nick met Dave many moons ago when he was flipping his first property and went firm on a real estate deal without an approved mortgage.

Dave saved the day and since then we've been working together on thousands of different real estate transactions.

Dave shares how he started in the mortgage industry, we chat mortgage solutions, interest rates and discuss how his entrepreneurial spirit started way back in high school when a bookie left the school.

We had a ton of fun recording this episode, we'll definitely have Dave back on again soon. Enjoy!

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Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #9: Income Properties, Testing Investing Strategies, Running An Airbnb & Life On His Terms With Andre Hart

Andre Hart is someone who is carving out his own path in life and we admire him for it.

He did a year's worth of research and due diligence on Rock Star before jumping in to actually buy properties but once he did there was no holding him back.

He started only four years ago, but he's built a team and has some amazing real estate stories already.

On this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show Andre shares his story of being a Toronto Police Officer, moving from Montreal to Toronto and now to Ottawa, buying income properties, handling students, converting a property and more!

Andre has an amazing attitude, nothing gets in his way and we feel grateful to have crossed paths with him. Enjoy the show!

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Most Listened to Real Estate Investing Podcasts #10: The Second Suite Opportunity In The GTA And Golden Horseshoe With Special Guest Andy Tran

Adding extra streams of income to properties with legal second suites wasn't discussed much ten years ago.

Today it's all the rage, and on this episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show, we have Andy Tran on to chat about the opportunity. Andy's a great guy who decided to walk away from Corporate Canada to go out on his own.

Today he helps investors walk through the process of legally converting properties into second suites, increasing their cash flow potentially massively!

You can find out more about Andy at

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