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I just sat down at my computer and the doorbell rang. It was a sales rep that was offering me a local coupon booklet for $29.99. I am sure most people will almost regret opening the door when they realize they are about to be sold something. I actually don’t mind if the person is a competent salesperson (which there seem to be few of).

Let’s first understand that going door to door selling coupons books is not the most glamorous of jobs. I think many people I know wouldn’t even have the nerve to attempt such a thing. So I was eagerly waiting to hear the pitch.

Sales Lessons Can be Found Everywhere

As always the book is being sold for a local charity (for some reason I always doubt that much of the money makes it to them) which is a way to get your guard down. The young gentleman that came to my door did a great job of introducing himself with some energy, enough to capture my attention in the first few seconds he had before I totally lost interest.

I was even offered a handshake at introduction, this has not happened to me before with a door to door salesperson. Some people may not like a handshake but I am still of a traditional mindset and feel that a handshake makes a difference.

Next he led me down a road of questions specifically designed to have me saying, ‘Yes’. A common sales tactic taught but there is always a difference between learning something in a classroom and implementing it in real life. This guy implemented!

The next part was subtle but executed well. He had two booklets in his hand and passed me one so he could flip the other one to a page and show me some of the most valuable coupons. As he handed it to me he said something similar to, “I only had two books left as this area you live in has been great and are snapping them up”. This was only said in passing but it is a big lesson.

No matter how we perceive it in the back of our mind we get that funny thought “well if all my neighbours have one then maybe I should”

Also, it was a seamless way to put the product in my hand for me to get the feeling of using it

Plus, by stating that he only had two left, it made me feel that I had to act or lose out, another powerful technique. As humans, we generally want we can’t have or have the risk of losing.

He did more things in the two-minute transaction we had than I have seen high paid sales reps do after spending more than an hour with them.

I turned him down purposely to see what his next move would be and it was to offer the lower priced alternative. Of course, he explained that there was not as much value but if I only had a limited amount of cash I could just go for this alternative and still help ‘the cause’.

Whether this process was crafted for or by him is irrelevant because it is effective. If he came up with it then he has some natural ability. If it was taught, we are back to the good implementation. How many of us are taught things that can benefit us that we never use?

I know dozens of people personally that speak of making a difference in their life and attend many types of wealth building workshops but their rate of implementation is 0. It is what sets apart the winners and the losers in life. You can watch things go by or you can hop on the train.

In case you were wondering, I did buy from him. Not because I think I will use the product but because it was one of the better sales people I had come across in a while.

I also felt that the value for me wasn’t the product but in the sales refresher I just went through that will benefit me many times over if I too implement. Take note of this transaction because it can pay dividends.

There is one regret I have as I sit down and write this. I wish I asked him if he was looking for a new line of work.

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