Mr. B & The Status Quo

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We make a conscious effort to study the most prolific investors we see. One of the most impressive traits the biggest action takers possess is an aversion to the status quo.

I recall working in one of my first jobs out of University. It was a technical support call center position for Oracle Corporation.

We were the last line of defense for companies like the Royal Bank of Canada and other big companies who depended on the Oracle database for processing massive amounts of data every day.

If the database crashed we were the firefighters who came in to save the day. It was stressful sometimes and a real pressure cooker. But I learned a lot - fast.

And I recall when the rumblings began that our Support department was going to be shut down and replaced by a Support Center in India.

This was back in 1999.

And for the next twelve months, all most people did was sit around and complain about it. They were happy to come in to work every day miserable knowing that at any moment they may get word that they were going to be out of work.

But I remember one guy in the office who stood out. Let's call him Mr. B. He didn't care about the rumours. Mr. B was planning out his next move even before the "India rumours" had begun.

When I asked about his plans it became obvious that he came to Oracle for a set amount of time for a specific purpose and was planning his next move.

He was writing his database certification exams, maintaining a high work ethic in his current role and scoping out prospective employers for his next role.

He came in looking to get some high-end database skills and then was planning to be a database administrator for a pharmaceutical company. After that, he wanted to start his own consultancy.

During this time I couldn't help notice that he was putting himself under some real pressure but he I assume he thought it was necessary to achieve his goals.

And several months later he landed his big Database Administrator job, got a huge pay increase and was on his merry way.

He was the needle in the haystack. 98% of everyone else just sat around waiting for their fate to be delivered to them.

How does this relate to real estate?

The most active investors we've seen come from all walks of life. Some are teachers, some are high-end super executives, some are young couples just getting started together, some are parents planning for their children.

And most of them never rest. They are always on the go.

They are always working, moving forward, improving themselves and their place in life.

It would be very easy for them to sit back and "punch the clock" every day. Who could really blame them? Most of the investors we meet are doing pretty well for themselves. But instead, they choose to create more for themselves.

They aren't satisfied. There's a certain hunger in them.

They have a plan and may not know exactly all the steps in that plan but are willing to get started.

Knowing that the next step will magically appear when the first one is taken.

They are busy creating their own reality.

They are like Mr. B.

Real Estate Investing: Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie... Where Will It Take You?

The vast majority of your peers are extremely committed to keeping everything the same. Same job, same routine, same life. I'm not so certain that this is possible anymore. There was a time for that strategy, but it's day has come and gone.

What exists as a stable job today can be gone tomorrow. Literally.

The vast majority of action-oriented investors we meet are working vigorously at their current role and simultaneously planning for and implementing a series of events and investments that will take care of them down the road.

It's a pressure cooker but them seem to be able to handle it.

Just like Mr. B.

It's amazing to watch.

And I would assume that if you're ready this you have a Mr. or Ms. B inside of you.

We're here to tell you that it's your aversion to accepting the "status-quo" in your life that will move you forward. It's the same trait that the all successful action takers we've seen possess.

So if you find yourself juggling your current role, implementing actions for your next and planning for steps after that - then you've got what it takes to achieve whatever it is that you choose.

You have the same traits that we see in all massive action takers.

Be proud.

Remember -> Your Life. Your Terms.

Until next time... be a Renegade!

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