Real Estate Investing Success Is Possible... Here are some tips from Grill King George Foreman

Real estate investing success is possible. We do it every day. We had a talk with George Foreman at a recent conference and want to share what he said with you.

George Foreman has the type of presence that makes a room hang on his every word.

And better yet, sandwiched between the amazing boxing and business stories he has incredible advice for entrepreneurs. His advice applies to all forms of business and will help you achieve real estate investing success.

We wanted to share our recent experience listening to George with you right here.

Let's go...

"Knockout Entrepreneur" Advice From George Foreman

George doesn't hear "negative advice".

For example, if someone says "George, your jab is too slow." He blocks it out completely.

However, he hears positive advice. So if someone else says, "George, I know how to make your jab faster", he'll respond with "Really? Great, tell me how!"

(How many people have told you there's no real estate investing success?)

George has sold over 120 Million George Foreman grills.

120 Million!

He almost didn't endorse the "George Foreman Grill" when it was first presented to him, but he looked past the original ugly design and focused on the potential of the product.

Age has nothing to do with success. Nothing.

It's "the hunger" you have. That's how he became boxing's World Champion again at the age of 46. He had more hunger than the 25-year-old he was fighting.

On self-promotion: People buy you, not the product. You are only beat when you don't do your best.

(And some of the best cash flow you can get can be found through real estate investing success)

Whenever he found himself frustrated with his life he would go back to his old neighborhood and find the house he hid under after running from police.

He had mugged someone and after that experience declared he would change his life and be somebody.

You must have a vision for your life otherwise you're moving along without a map.

Is your vision real estate investing success? It can happen!

Most people don't have a vision.

Are you most people?

He got this advice as a kid: "The small fox gets the sweetest grapes."

And what that means is this: Most people focus on being a "star" and focus on all big results they want. All the investments they want, all the businesses they want to own.

But, very few people, do the boring work to actually get anything done. But it's the little things that make you a winner.

It's the little things that separate you from the majority.

When he was making his comeback he walked and walked for miles every day to lose weight. No one saw that. No one saw all the little things he did to become a winner. They only saw the glory.

Remember, "The small fox gets the sweetest grapes."

Do the little things.

His favourite book: War and Peace. Partly because it's so big he can never finish it so he keeps re-reading it and gets guidance from it. His favourite message from the book: to have influence in your life you must come from a place of integrity.

One of his mentors is Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She knew how to sell.

He repeated this advice three times during his 60-minute talk:

"Learn to sell and you will never starve."

When he was middle-aged he was flat broke and had to learn how to sell to feed his children.

He launched the George Foreman grill while he was making his comeback.

He now believes learning to sell is the most valuable skill he has developed.

(To achieve real estate investing success you will work hard, and play harder because you can own your life on your terms!)

A young woman in the audience wanted a picture with him but pictures were reserved for a smaller group that had paid money to get it with him.

She explained she didn't have the money for the picture but asked if he could he take one with her anyway.

He agreed to take a picture but immediately offered this advice:

"Learn to sell and you will never starve."

And he was dead serious when he said it.

On the negative media about the financial state of the U.S.A and the world:

"General Motors didn't make us, we made General Motors. We make our own future."

Believe in yourself and, more importantly, be hungry.

Someone asked him what jewelry he his most proud of...

He pointed to his wedding ring and said he doesn't wear any other rings so that it stands out.

He shared that after all his years of marriage "it was quite an accomplishment to still be together, trust him!"

He believes in being a "counter-intuitive" entrepreneur.

Don't do what everyone else does.

(Like shy away from real estate investing success.)

When he was dead broke boxing promoters were all telling him to take $100,000 to fight one of his early comeback fights.

Instead, he said "No Thanks", even though he really needed the money.

He then took $5,000 from another promoter to fight a less well known fighter.

He knew that if he beat a few boxers first he could quickly demand much more for a fight with a more well-known boxer.

It worked. He won those first few comeback fights and then asked and received more money for the bigger fights.

He continued on and became champion again.

Be counterintuitive.

His advice for anyone looking to build a business:

1. Get up early in the morning. Good things happen when you get started early.

2. Find someone who has done what you want to do. They are your guide. You need a mentor, a coach. Professional athletes use coaches. If you want to be a professional business owner you need a coach.

3. You may not be the biggest, or the smartest, or the fastest in business but you can be the nicest. Anyone can do that, so can you. And that will set you apart.

He explained that he was once doing a Nike commercial with Bo Jackson.

Bo was getting frustrated with the long process but George made a point to be nice and helpful during the entire shoot.

And that has made all the difference for him.

He will go out of his way to take pictures with people and sign autographs even when he is exhausted (on airplanes etc...). That's the best type of marketing there is because it's real.

People buy his products because of who he is. It has nothing to do with the actual product.

Now he's launching a George Foreman green cleaning solution.

Some people on his team are embarrassed when trying to sell his new product because the orders for it are so small right now.

But he's not.

He knows you have to start at the bottom and with his work ethic he'll get this product selling just like his grill.

He's still hungry after all these years.

Stay hungry.

What have we learned about real estate investing success?

So there you have it. Our notes from his chat.

In the middle of all that were amazing stories of boxing. The best story was about

his fight with Ali in Africa.

Amazing guy, quite a presence in the room.

We managed to get a signed copy of his new book and a picture with him.

His book is called, "Knockout Entrepreneur". We haven't read it yet but from first glance, it looks good.

It summarizes the points above in more detail and each point is supported with real life boxing and business experiences he's been through.

And you can apply this to real estate investing success! Explore our website for more free tips and information.

Until next time... be a Renegade!

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