"Real Estate Investing for Beginners Means Keeping The Proper Perspective"

Real estate investing for beginners can be a confusing maze of information and opinions from family, neighbors, in-laws and the media.

One of the keys when beginning real estate investing is to keep the proper perspective.

Sometimes you need to look at the big picture, let me explain with a story...

So there I was about to be shoved out of a 40-year-old plane that was being held together with duct tape (I swear).

I was nervous, sweating, praying that I would see my family again and just then as I was looking around something hit me.

And right at that moment, I wished that everyone could be in this position!

Not because I wanted everyone to have the experience of possibly peeing in your pants as a grown adult but because being so high up (2 miles above ground) gives you an amazing perspective.

Real estate investing for beginners can sometimes be a scary adventure but after jumping out of a plane it can get a lot less risky looking!

We jumped out of a plane over Dundas, Ontario.

Dundas is sandwiched between Burlington and Ancaster in Hamilton, Ontario. It's a beautiful area.

And when you are heading up to altitude you can clearly see the developments around the 407.

You can see the traffic streaming down the QEW and you can see the Hamilton Mountain traffic zipping along the LINC (Lincoln Alexander Parkway).

You also see the widening of Highway 6 off the 403.

It becomes completely obvious that the urban sprawl that started on the West side of Toronto is making its way right through this area.

And when you have huge investments by the Province of Ontario in two major highway developments over the last 10 years (407 through Oakville/Milton/Burlington and the LINC finally connecting to the QEW this fall) and when Census Canada tells us 90,000 new immigrants a year land in the GTA it is easy to draw some conclusions.

It's a great area for investors and especially for real estate investing for beginners.

More people in an area with increased transportation routes means more demand for real estate. Call me crazy but I think it's obvious that demand in this area is going to increase over the next 10 years not decrease.

One of the major home builders already has a new subdivision butt right up against the 407 north of Dundas in Burlington. This area was farmland only a couple of years ago.

Oakville's town council has plans for the commercial industrial zoning and new residential zoning north of Dundas and south of the 407.

Mattamy's new sales offices aren't in Mississauga any longer, they are in Stoney Creek!

So when you are 10,000 feet above ground a few things become clear.

Real Estate Investing for Beginners: A Few Tips

  1. Real estate investing for beginners means not listening to the headlines in the paper that force the masses to think month to month. Headlines are created to sell papers, not to educate you.
  2. Think year to year or better yet decade to decade. That's how proper investment decisions are made. The masses think month to month, make sure you are thinking what will happen to an area over 10 year periods. Real estate investing for beginners is often not viewed with this perspective. Keep the big picture in mind. A mild fluctuation in interest rates should not shock you if you are looking at your investments in 10-year windows.
  3. When you are that high up the noise stops and you can clearly see what is happening. The clutter falls away.


When about to invest in real estate make sure you are looking at the big picture.

Don't get caught up in the hype around interest rates moving up or down 0.5% next month.

Think strategically, use the proper perspective.

Let the masses panic while you plow ahead to make the jump!

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