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Yes it's true! You have found a Canadian real estate investing guide that outlines information and tips that will give you insight into the world of real estate investing right here in Canada.

The content on this site all comes from actual real world experience.

There is a very limited supply of solid information on real estate investing so two Canadian guys have committed to sharing their real estate investing know how.

We'll regularly add new articles on real estate investing to this site.

Some blatant promotion and patting ourselves on the back ahead (we swear we're humble guys - we just want to give you some context about our experiences that's all!)...

We publish a weekly real estate newsletter that has been highlighted in the National Post, we've been interviewed on BNN and featured in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine on multiple occasions.

We own and operate a brokerage in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and together with our team we've worked on over 600 investment properties for well over $150 million dollars in investment property.

And we regularly update our Canadian Real Estate Investing Blog with shorter and more direct personal updates.

"So, How Do I Get Started Investing In Real Estate Anyway?"

Use our Real Estate Investing Guide to get you going in the right direction. It is all laid out step-by-step and written in plain English so you don't get lost in any industry jargon.

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Why are we doing this?

When we started real estate investing there was a shocking lack of Canadian real estate investing experts who could guide us along our path.

We found lots of people selling real estate investing guides, courses, seminars and reports on how to buy investment properties in Canada but no one would actually hit the streets with us and make things happen.

Good Real Estate Investing
Information Was Not Easy to Find

We had difficulty finding answers to simple questions or a real estate investing guide that made any sense.

Basic questions like, how much do you have to put as a down payment on a real estate investment in Canada?

What interest rates can we expect? What are the best terms of the loans? How fast can we rent out a property?

What is the best way to advertise?

How do you negotiate a lease so that the tenant takes good care of the property and doesn't call for every little thing?

How do you maximize the profit of your investments?

Can you really do a "no money down" deal? Or did that just occur when interest rates were 17%?

All of these went unanswered. Or we got 10 different answers. Nuts.

It's taken us years to track down mortgage brokers, bankers, lawyers, and accountants that are experts at real estate investing in Canada.

Now we're going to collect some of that information on this site. We're turning this into a Canadian real estate investing guide for Canadians by Canadians.

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Tom Karadza & Nick Karadza

Table of Contents

Creative Real Estate Investment Tips
FREE Real Estate Investment Tips Newsletter from The Real Estate Renegades...
Contact Tom Karadza & Nick Karadza
Contact Us, Tom Karadza & Nick Karadza - The Canadian Real Estate Investing Experts
Real Estate Investing Questions: Ask Tom & Nick Karadza
Use this page to ask Tom & Nick Karadza a real estate investing question...
Started Investing in Real Estate? Focus on Something, Anything!
When you have just started investing in real estate focus is key
Real Estate Investing Guide - "Step by Step and In Plain English"
Finally, a real estate investing guide by two guys actually doing it!
Real Estate Investment in Canada
Real Estate Investment in Canada requires application of the magical "set it and forget it" strategy...
Canadian Real Estate Investing Beginners
Cash Flow is a hot topic and often misunderstood by Canadian Real Estate Investing Beginners...
Real Estate Investment Business Plan
7 Questions to help create your real estate investment business plan
Investing in Commercial Real Estate
Is investing in commercial real estate always the right answer?
Financing Investment Properties...3 Often Overlooked "Gotchas"
What you need to know about financing investment properties in Canada...
Flipping Houses for Profit in Canada
Flipping Houses in Canada can be profitable if you know what to do...
Investment Property Mortgages in Canada
Finally, A Quick Guide to Investment Property Mortgages in Canada
Canadian Real Estate Investing Blog
The Canadian Real Estate Investing Blog is a collection of strategies, tips, articles and commentary by the Real Estate Renegades, Tom Karadza and Nick Karadza.
Can You Get Rich In Real Estate Investing?
To get rich in real estate investing you'll need to know the difference between how the Pros and the Amateurs behave...
The Real Estate Investing Basics
The real estate investing basics I wish I knew when I started...
Residential Real Estate Investing Step-by-Step Guide
A Step-by-Step look at residential real estate investing....tips, strategies and trends
Learn About Real Estate Investing
Learn About Real Estate Investing using properties that cash flow positively...
Toronto Rental Properties Won't Make You Rich
Toronto Rental Properties won't make your rich...but the process of acquiring the will.
Real Estate Investing Products
Cutting edgle real estate investing products specifically for Canadians from Tom & Nick Karadza
Real Estate Investing Class
A live real estate investing class teaches how to find and profit from nice homes in nice areas...
Real Estate Investing 101 Investment Course
7-Part Real Estate Investing 101 Investment Course via Email. Here you'll learn the basics and the strategies that the pros forget to tell you...
Real Estate Investing FAQ
The Top 10 Real Estate Investing FAQ List - Part 1
Real Estate Investing Resource Center - Q&A with Tom and Nick Karadza
We are your real estate investing resource center, this can help you achieve real estate investing success!
Real Estate Investment Tools - Out Top Ten Online Resources for You
Real estate investment tools for you, this list counts down the top ten online resources you can use for real estate investing.
A Canadian Real Estate Investor Speaks His Mind
Nick Karadza interviews a Canadian Real Estate Investor about his first real estate investment...
The Real Estate Renegade Network
Real Estate Renegade TV Network with Tom and Nick Karadza
Free Real Estate Investing Tip
Pick up a Free real estate investing tip from listening to these real investors...
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