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Thursday February 14th, 2008

In this Issue:

- Renegade Commentary: Is CNN half right for a change?

- Featured Article: Canadian Real Estate Investing Advice From A "Real Canadian Investor!"

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Renegade Commentary:
Is CNN half right for a change?

You know, I never give much thought to what the spews out of the media. Especially, popular sources like the newspapers and the "breaking news" TV outfits.

But CNN may have got something right today. This morning as I was eating my breakfast they had a little piece on a popular U.S. real estate training company. Apparently a Florida lady spent almost $20,000 to learn how to "get rich quick" in real estate investing via foreclosures.

She was complaining that she spent all this money on the courses and didn't actually make any money after 3 months. She filed a complaint with some legal body down there and then proceeded to complain and complain and complain.

I probably shouldn't admit this but here goes.

There's tons of money to be made in real estate. TONS.


Yes, there's a "but"...

Real estate investing is a process. It's not get rich quick, it's "get rich with hard work".

There, I've let the cat out of the bag. You need to work hard, there's no free ride. Anyone who promises you otherwise is not exposing the whole truth.

And you can't run around looking for a "home run" swing on your first attempt at the plate.

Let me use a little analogy here:

Baseball games are won on a combination of singles, walks and doubles with the odd home run.

That's how real estate works as well. It's how all business works.

This Florida lady doesn't get it. It's near impossible to step up and make 100K in profits on each and every real estate deal. And it's especially difficult to do it "in three months" as a beginner.

Now, you can make this kind of money of real estate. But the process usually starts with buying one small investment.

And then you make some mistakes with it. You don't screen tenants properly, or you pay too much for the property, or when "flipping" it you put in the wrong upgrades.

You survive your first experience and then with your knew found knowledge you jump back in and do much better this time. You pick the better property, you are able to charge premium rents, you flip the property for maximum profit.

It's the experience you get from sweat, blood and tears that will make you money.

So CNN got it "half right". The courses promising quick wealth can be misleading.

But CNN missed the other part, the other half of the story. To expect wealth without putting in the work to earn it is a fools game. I'm not sure if that Florida lady understands that.

Oh well, makes for good TV.

That brings us to this week's Featured Article. We have interviewed someone who "gets it".

A real Canadian real estate investor.

He puts in the work.

This guy is doesn't back down from any challenge. He has flipped 12 properties, while holding down a full time job and raising a family. And now is putting money aggressively into investment properties right here in Southern Ontario.

You'll learn from listening to him how hard work pays off...check out all the details below.

Until next a Renegade!

Tom & Nick Karadza
"The Real Estate Renegades"

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Featured Article:

Canadian Real Estate Investing Advice
From A "Real Canadian Investor!"

Sometimes the very best Canadian real estate investing advice is the stuff that comes right from the streets.

Recently one of the investors we work with, Ruben Furtado from Oakville, Ontario, was interviewed by Rob Minton who is the founder of the Income for Life investing approach.

I've known Ruben for several years and he continues to amaze everyone around him with the speed and decisiveness of his actions.

His Canadian real estate investing experience goes all the way back to when his father was renting out a small house in won't believe the story he shares about it.

Ruben has "flipped" 12 properties and is now building an asset base of income properties.

And now his entire family has gotten into the act. His 13 year-old son, Austin, enjoys it so much that he even helps scouting out different properties!

Here's just some of the questions Rob asks him on the call:

  • How did you get started investing in real estate?
  • Did you flip any homes? If so, how did it go?
  • How has the Income for Life investing approach worked for you?
  • What mistakes have you made with your real estate investments?
  • How do you attract renters to your investment properties?
  • How profitable have your investments been?
  • Plus many more...

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Successful Investors "Spill the Beans"

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We did it and even helped him set up a website to share it with you.

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