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Thursday December 27th, 2007

In this Issue:

- Renegade Commentary: "Unfortunately I've missed your call, please leave..."

- Featured Article: "The Difference Between Real Estate Investing Pros and Beginners"

- Investing Strategy Tip of the Week: The Power of Learning From Other Investors

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Renegade Commentary:
"Unfortunately I've missed your call, please leave..."

I used to hate voice mail systems, now I love them, here's why...

So we're driving down Highway 407 to check out what may be a leak in the foundation on one of our properties (more about that another time!) and the car next to me decides to change lanes with zero warning.

They just cut me off those @#$%&!

I don't think they even saw me.

And then I see it...they're chatting on the their cell phone and it looks like they're scrambling for something on the passenger seat.

I immediately forgive them.


Because, although I'm embarassed to admit it, I was guilty of doing the same thing to people.

You see, when I first started investing I thought it would be a great to handle calls as they came in. Live and "in person".

I would have a "FOR RENT" sign in front of a property and put my cell phone number on it with the thickest Sharpie marker I could find.

Big mistake.

Calls would always come in at the exact wrong time. I'd be in the middle of changing lanes on the treacherous Highway 401 and right then my phone would start flashing and vibrating like a disco ball on steroids.

Or, I would be holding my son in my arms at the grocery store, bending down to reach for some vanilla ice cream that was on sale and the phone would ring.

Not only was it difficult to not drop my son and the ice cream but I really fumbled handling the call from someone looking to rent from me.

That call was potentially worth thousands of dollars to me and I would forget to actually give information that would "sell" the home to them. Like the nice parks close by, the updated kitchen and brand new shower.

Instead I would just blurt out the price and ask them when they wanted to move in. And I didn't build any rapport with them because I was too busy chasing my son through the aisles in Loblaws while I was handling the call. Nuts.

After a few weeks of this on one property I threw up my arms and began using voice mail for all incoming calls.

Something beautiful happened. I got my life back and I was able to put a message on the voice mail system that had all the important details of the house.

I even used a little "takeaway selling" on the message.

And then for 30 minutes each evening I would sit down and return calls to people who had already learned about the house and were almost excited that I called back.

Great huh!

Instead of having interruptions throughout the day I was able to allocate a specific time at the end of the day to handle all the calls. I could then go shopping or drive on the 401 and not be a danger to myself or the people around me!

My ability to place tenants in houses improved dramatically.

Because I was calm and collected when I returned calls I could answer questions, build rapport and actually get people to like me and rent from me.

I was no longer wasting my advertising dollars by trying to handle every call "live and in-person".

The process of placing tenants was no longer frustrating. I had created a mini-system to for it.

It gets even better.

Nick discovered that putting a little '24 hr msg' note on any of our for rent ads increased the number of people calling. Who knew?

So now we use it every where and kindly remind all of our clients to do the same.

It's a great combination.

A voice mail system for less than $5/month.

A message on the voice mail that gets people excited about the property and uses a little takeaway selling.

And a 24hr msg note on all our signs and ads.

That simple process changed my real estate investing life. I was almost ready to quit using the other strategy.

So the next time someone cuts you off on the highway give them a break, they don't know what you do!

Tom & Nick Karadza
"The Real Estate Renegades"

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Featured Article:

"Know the Difference Between How The Pros & Beginners Behave"

Look, it's 100% possible to make some real wealth, even get rich in real estate investing. Whatever your definition of "get rich" may be, you can accomplish it with real estate. There's opportunity to earn both monthly passive income and large chunks of cash months after closing on a property.

But, you need to know what you're doing and we constantly see beginners make mistakes because they don't follow the basics of getting some education, then finding a mentor and then following a system.

To cover all the mistakes we see would take weeks and we'll keep adding articles to address various examples of things to watch out for.

For this article we'll focus on one of the most important aspects of real estate investing...advertising and filling your property with a tenant.

After all, having someone pay you money every month is kind of the idea. That's one of the important ingredients if you are going to get rich in real estate investing.

Here's something that we've noticed over the last couple of years...

Anyone can take a project to 90% completion. It's a real pro that finishes the job. And it's that same pro who gets to reap the rewards of a finished project.

Getting a tenant into a rental property is obviously worth a good sum of money to a real estate investor.

And depending on the rental program used there may be an immediate windfall on the line.

For example, if you are renting out a singly family home using a lease option, the successful placement of a tenant is worth thousands of dollars to you on day one and possibly tens of thousands of dollars to you after a couple of years.

There are four important differences between an amateur real estate investor and a real professional.

And these four can mean the difference between selling a property at a loss to rid yourself of it and making very healthy returns.

Amazingly you don't have to be a marketing genius to fill a property with a good tenant but you do need to do these things:

  1. Constant Presence.

    Let's say you advertise your property for a week in the local paper. Towards the very end of the week you line up a tenant for your property and set a date two days later to sign the lease and pick up some cash as a deposit to hold the property.

For the full article click here to continue reading...

Investing Strategy Tip of the Week:

The Power of Learning From Other Investors

For those of you who know us we always preach this...

Learn from others.

And more importantly, learn from others who are actually "doing it".

It's great to read about investors who made money in the 80's with strategies that don't have a hope working today.

And it's great learning from people teaching from the front of a room.

But the best information will come from real investors who are out "on the streets" implementing what you are trying to learn about.

People often don't believe that we actually go out with our clients and IMPLEMENT. Apparently, not many people are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Well because we've done so much real estate investing "implementation" over 2007 my son finally got fed up with me and had the idea to record a call with some of our clients.

He thought I could then be playing with him and still be helping people learn about real estate investing.

Not a bad idea eh?

He even sold the idea to "Uncle Nick".

So that's what we've done.

We rounded up three of our clients from 2007 and got them to share some of their real estate investing experiences with you.

It's a 40-minute audio class that you can download and throw on your iPod or listen to right on your computer.

We even created a fancy URL to celebrate the idea.

You can go check it out right here:

Until next a Renegade!

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