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Friday January 4th, 2008

In this Issue:

- Renegade Commentary: The Path to Real Estate Investing Success is a "Closed Loop"

- Featured Article: Investing In "Nice Homes in Nice Areas"

- Investing Strategy Tip of the Week: The Donald and Gene Simmons "Get It"

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Renegade Commentary:
The Path to Real Estate Investing Success is a "Closed Loop"

I used to try and figure out how to have the right "thoughts" so that I could accomplish my goals faster and easier.

Just think "I will buy 10 money making, wealth building properties this year" and let it happen I would tell myself.

After years of doing this a certain level of frustration kicked in when I didn't actually accomplish anything. Not only didn't I get 10 properties....I didn't even get one!

I got pretty disappointed with the whole positive thinking movement.

And then while I continued to learn, read and study myself something became very obvious.

Almost embarrassingly obvious.

If I didn't actually change my behaviours all the "right thinking" in the world wasn't going to get me any closer to my goals.

How was I going to acquire real estate by driving to my job every day and then watching TV all night?

Was an income producing investment property going to hit me in the head? No.

I needed to actually do something, I needed to look for properties, I needed to write offers.

As I started to take the right actions the right thinking and right attitude seemed to really help.

Each time an offer on a property wouldn't get accepted it was the proper mental attitude that allowed me to shake off my disappointment and press forward.

When I almost threw in the towel on investing because I couldn't figure out how to get my first investment property rented it was the "right thinking" that kept me focused on the goal.

And then just a few weeks back one of my original mentors said something that made everything very clear.

Thoughts - Behaviours - Results are a closed loop.

You can start anywhere in the loop you wish. Not everything must start with the right thinking.

Let's walk through this because it's a big concept. Huge.

If you have the proper thoughts about a goal that should propel you to take some action (your behaviour).

However, if when you rolled out of bed this morning you felt like a lump of @#@#$@ and the last thing from your mind was any ounce of a positive thought....then right at that point you need to take some action.

And you'll find that by forcing yourself, literally willing yourself to do something towards your goals right at that moment will have an affect on you. By pushing yourself to get up and write that chapter of your book, jump on that treadmill or make some calls to check out some investment properties your thinking/thoughts and mental attitude will come around and support you.

By taking action you will actually force your thinking to fall in line.

It's amazing how that works.

Let me repeat that.

By taking action you will force your thinking to fall in line.

So if you don't "feel" like going to check out some properties make sure you push yourself.

When you're actually out there checking things out you'll feel great.

Thinking alone will not get you very far, no matter what the pop culture says. Just ask anyone you admire if thinking alone got them to their goals.

Your behaviours alone will not get you as far as they could without the right attitude.

But together you will achieve some great results.

And those results will propel you to better behaviours and better thoughts.

So if you don't buy into the whole positive thinking movement, don't worry, just focus on your actions.

And if you are just focusing on positive thinking make sure you add in some actions or you may be sitting in your house thinking for a very long time.

Working together the results will come fast and furious.

I wish I had known this when I was working on the "thinking" part and not changing any of my behaviours.

Lesson learned right?

If you want a book to these concepts to the next level you may as well start with the best of them all. Check out Think and Grow Rich by clicking here, almost all the millionaires I know credit reading this book as the single biggest turning point in their lives.

It could be the best $8 you've ever spent.

Tom & Nick Karadza
"The Real Estate Renegades"

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Featured Article:

"Nice Homes in Nice Areas"

Here's something I'm asked all the time about rental property investing...

"Tom, can you really make money investing in nice homes in nice areas? Everything I've been told says to buy run down homes in not so nice areas."

We literally had two construction contractors in our office a few months back scratching their heads at the thought of making money from real estate without having to fix up properties.

Well, not only is it possible, it's my favorite strategy!

Before I explain why, let's look at buying run down properties a little closer.

From my experience investors will buy properties that need some work for two reasons:

  1. They want a "deal" that they can quickly sell for some profit.

    Now I can understand the goal of making some quick cash from this but is that really "investing"? Don't think so. Will this make you passive income that you can live off of one day? Ah, not really. Is this more like creating a job for yourself? Yup, it is. So although there is money doing this be aware of what it really is.

    You'll often hear people brag that they did a deal from their cell phone buying and selling run down properties without even seeing the thing. It sounds so exciting that people listening to that don't realize the person pulling that off has likely been in the real estate business for years and has a massive network of people finding these types of properties and another network of people interested in buying them. Don't buy the hype.

  2. The second common reason someone will buy a run down property is to fix it up and then rent it out.

    Now here's a strategy that I can live with. By fixing it up the investor is creating equity in the property. If homes in the area around going for $200K and they bought this one for $160K and then put in $20K worth of work into the home they now have $20K in equity that they've created. I like it.

    And now they can rent out the property to create some cash flow.

I can truly respect this rental property investing approach. It's a great idea and will no doubt create a prosperous future for anyone who continues to do this.

However, is there a better way?

For the full article click here to continue reading...

Successful Investors "Spill the Beans"

My son came up with the idea of having some of our real estate investing clients "spill the beans" on a teleseminar call. He thought it would be a great idea if you could hear from others how they are creating wealth for themselves. Well, we couldn't agree with him more ;)

We did it and even helped him set up a website to share it with you.

If you want to eavesdrop on how people are making money in real estate right in your own backyard visit and you'll get instant access to a recording of the call right now!

Investing Strategy Tip of the Week:

The Donald and Gene Simmons
"Get It"

Did you catch the first episode of Celebrity Apprentice last night?

Now that's great TV.

If you're into sales, negotiation, debating, wealth creation and/or business building watching this show should be on your "to do" list.

Last night another classic sales mistake was exposed in front of the cameras.

Donald Trump split up the celebrity hopefuls into two groups. The guys against the gals.

They were to go off and sell hot dogs on the streets of New York.

Whichever team raised the most money would win and have the proceeds donated to charity.

The women, under misguided leadership, thought they should focus on the product. So they dressed up in T-Shirts with hot dogs on them, put on ball caps and ran around talking about the hot dog.

The men focused on their "celebrity". Celebrity sells right? Why not use it?

They had Lennox Lewis, the retired heavy weight boxing champ, out there with his boxing gloves on.

They had Tito Ortiz, a mixed martial artist, out there in his sweats.

Their strategy was to get people to pay more for a hot dog by getting a picture with their favorite celebrity with the hot dog.

People will always pay more for a picture with a celebrity than for a hot dog.

They changed what they were selling.


And then they had the master of them all, Gene Simmons from KISS, decide that he would dip into his little black book and make a few calls.

He reached out to a few of his high roller contacts and asked them to bring a cheque for $5,000 to the hot dog stand.

And they did. Many of his contacts walked over to the hot dog stand with either a cheque or $5,000 in cold hard cash.

He used his celebrity to call in some favors and bring in some major money.

He wasn't selling the hot dog at all. He was selling himself.

Needless to say the men one easily. It was all time record in money raised I believe.

Donald Trump even blasted the women for not using their celebrity to sell.

How can we all learn from this?

Well I see this exact same mistake in real estate investing all the time.

Many investors, beginner and experienced, focus on the product. They focus on the house they are renting instead of focusing on what the tenant wants.

Bad idea.

They'll focus on the carpet or the tiles they just installed as the main reason someone should rent from them.

Instead, you need to answer the question, "What is in it for your tenant?".

They may not care about the brand new tiles you installed at all.

They want a warm home, in good condition, close to their son's school and dad's work. They don't want to pay too much for the house and they would like to even own a house of their own one day.

Are you offering a solution for that?

You should be.

Or are you still talking about why your 13" tiles are better than the 12" tiles that were on the floor last week?

Think about it.

Get into the mind of what your perfect customer is looking for.

If you pull it off correctly you'll have someone show up to your property with a $5,000 cheque just like Gene Simmons did at the hot dog stand.

Some people think it's impossible to sell a hot dog for $5,000.

The same people think it's impossible to get $5,000 or even more from a tenant before they move in (plus first and last month's rent!).

Some of us are getting those $5,000 cheques...are you?

Until next a Renegade!

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