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Friday May 2nd, 2008

In this Issue:

- Renegade Commentary: "Fat Dog Don't Hunt"

- Featured Article: Real Estate Investing FAQ - Part Deux

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"Fat Dog Don't Hunt"

So we're down in Myrtle Beach at a meeting with other real estate investors from all over North America and someone says something that blows me away.

She was going on and on about how she wanted to make even more income than she was already making.

We pushed her about why she wasn't accomplishing want she wanted and it finally came out.

She didn't want to do any more work than she was already doing.

Yup, the classic answer...she didn't want to work.

I've found that with the massive marketing of "get rich quick" or "get rich on the internet quick" there's a very dangerous mindset that has developed.

Somehow this concept of "work" has gotten a bad wrap.

I'm all for working "smarter" and not "harder". But work is very mandatory.

If you look behind the curtains at a lot of the people selling the idea of "no work and get rich" they are actually working very hard.

They are coming up with content, writing articles, doing seminars, going to events, purchasing real estate, dealing with tenants, negotiating commissions, dealing with problems etc.

Don't be fooled into thinking that work isn't necessary. We're hear to break your bubble, work is 100% mandatory. And if you have big goals then lots of work is necessary.

Now it's easier to work hard when you are "on purpose" and passionate about what you're doing. You key is to either find what you love and do it or work like the dickens at something you don't like so you can create the asset base that will give you the money to do what you truly love. Choose your path.

We later learned that this lady had a pretty good asset base built up and it seemed she was living off the income it produced. So she was "comfortable" and that was the real reason she didn't want to work. She had no fire in her belly.

As this well intentioned young lady made her comment a very wise older gentleman from South Carolina turned to me and said in a classic southern U.S. accent:

"Fat Dog Don't Hunt"...and I couldn't agree more.

Nick just posted Part 2 to his blog series that he's been running, it's an awesome read...check it out by by clicking this link.

This week's article is Part 2 of a Real Estate Investing FAQ that Nick has been putting together. There's a few real gems in it...check it out below.

Until next a Renegade!

Tom & Nick Karadza
"The Real Estate Renegades"

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Featured Article:

Real Estate Investing FAQ
Part Deux

Since you didn't get enough real estate investing information from the first FAQ we are back with the second part of our Top 10 real estate investing FAQ list.

If you haven’t checked out the first half of our FAQ list and want more real estate investing information click here to take a look.

Don’t worry we won’t move the second part on you! You can come right back and read this part.

We didn’t waste anytime getting going last time so we can jump right in for Part 2.

Real Estate Investing FAQ Question 6 – I Like Residential Real Estate, So What Type Of Investment Should I Start With?

There isn't a short answer to this question or an exact science to getting to one.

It will really be an individual decision to decide which route to take and one of the biggest determining factors will be what your goals are.

If you want to try to create some quick liquid cash for yourself then the buy and hold strategy is probably not the way you want to go. It is an excellent way to increase your net worth over time but it doesn’t usually produce any significant amount of immediate cashflow.

So the quick hit in real estate investing is "the flip". Which is about the same as any of the dozen or so shows that follows people around while they buy, fix up, and sell a property.

Remember, the real estate investing information in FAQ question 5? You may want to go back an re-visit it.

I can guarantee you things will not go as first planned while flipping a house.

Typically to make money flipping a house you are buying it well below market value and doing a whole bunch of renovations to it.

And anyone familiar with renos can tell you it can be like a black hole once you get started. A black hole for money that is!

But if done right it can pay quick dividends!

If being the supervisor on a construction site is not your thing then the proven buy, rent, and hold method may be up your alley.

There's no real magic to this technique except to make sure you are using the real estate investing information you gather and that you are really looking at your numbers beforehand to make sure you have a complete picture of what you are getting into.

So check out what it will cost you every month and be comfortable with what you expect to get in rent, and be realistic with yourself!

Typically you are not going to come into a bundle of quick cash this way.

But over time you are having other people pay for your house, and over time it will very likely have increased in value substantially. Not a bad deal right?

I know people that have multiple rental properties paid off and can live just from the monthly rents they are collecting...and very comfortably too!

This is definitely a longer approach to building wealth but it is a follows a proven methodology of buy and hold.

One BIG POINT on buying rental properties is you really want to dive into the fundamentals of the area before you invest. This type of real estate investing information will definitely help you maximize your return.....we'll get into that shortly.

There is a third way to invest in residential real estate that is becoming more common. And that is using Rent To Own programs or Lease Options.

In case you are wondering, they are the same thing.

These programs can be a bit like combining the best of both worlds, the flip and the buy and hold.

Usually you are able to get a bit of cash out of the property fairly quickly while still building long term net worth. So it can be a very attractive technique to investors.

We are all looking to have our cake and eat it too right?

So as you can see we started off with a tough question as there is no right answer for everyone.

Different people will invest for different things.

Once you decide what you are investing for then you can decide which approach suits you best. When doing this make sure you keep the BIG picture in mind.

Sometimes we look at some of the real estate investing information we get and it focuses on just one part of the investment.

Take a step back and look at everything. It is key for success.

I started my investing career with a flip....I ended up with some great stories but not that much money :(

However, I learned a lot of lessons that I was able to build on.

Looking back I think I would have done things differently. I didn't get all the real estate investing information I needed at that time. But overall the experience was great and it has taken me towards my long term goals.

Be sure you are taking the right steps to reach yours!

Real Estate Investing FAQ 7 – How do I time the market?

Let’s put it this way. If I was able to tell you exactly how to time the market all the time you would see me on every major news show in the world!

There is no guaranteed way to time the market but there are ways to ensure you are buying a good investment and the key is to get good, first hand real estate investing information.

Let me begin this answer with telling you about Nido Quebin.

He is an extremely successful immigrant from Lebanon and he has made a serious impact on America since landing on its shores.

I had the privilege to listen to Nido speak on a couple of occasions and one of the things he said really hit home.

"It is not timing the market; it is TIME IN the market"

That is how you become successful and wealthy, if you are not in the batters box you will never hit the ball!

That quote is a life changer I could dwell on it for a while but let’s keep moving...

There are things you can do to help increase the potential of your investment and that is to educate yourself. Keep exposing yourself to solid real estate investing information.

Don’t go into an investment because someone else told you it is a good idea. Gather some specific real estate investing information to back up what you are being told.

Let’s use the US market as an example. Right now the US market is in the midst of a real estate downturn and many people are paralyzed with fear because they are waiting for the "market bottom".

For the full article click here to continue reading...

Exposed: Successful Canadian Investors "Spill the Beans"

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We did it and even helped him set up a website to share it with you.

If you want to eavesdrop on how people are making money in real estate right in your own backyard visit and you'll get instant access to a recording of the call right now!

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